Nanoguard ACP


Anti Corrosive Pigments

Non Toxic, Environmentally Friendly Products That Don’t Cost The Earth!

Nanoguard ACP® 

The registered trade mark of Sensopolis Ltd.

Nanoguard ACP®, the range of non toxic anti-corrosive pigments which are functional, cost effective and environmentally friendly have been developed especially to replace the heavy metal containing anti-corrosives traditionally used by the automotive industry around the world.

With even zinc based products now being considered hazardous especially for recycling, Sensopolis developed a range of zinc and heavy metal free anti corrosive pigments suitable for all current automotive manufacturers high performance requirements including E coat & coil coating.


Even powder coating using modern thin film technology requires additional anti corrosive pigments to protect the underlying substrates from aggressive salt and environmental corrosion effects.

Products for the automotive industry have to pass stringent requirements and be safe to use and recycle. Nanoguard ACP® DCP meets all of these requirements and is REACH registered.


Nanoguard ACP® can be formulated into most coating systems water based, solvent free and solvent based.

Ideally suited for non isocyanate systems as a safe direct to metal alternative these can be used as primers or as single coat direct to metal systems.

Easy to formulate and easy to use, Nanoguard ACP® 2 is the pigment of choice for thin film primers whilst ACP DCP because of its tremendous economic advantages remain the product of choice for the refinish market.

Superb performance giving over 1000 hours of prohesion at a film thickness of sub 40 microns in alkyd and epoxy systems means the Nanoguard ACP® 2 pigments can meet all of the requirements of the low tech paint shop using solvent based alkyd primers and the high tech water based and solvent free paint shops around the world at an affordable price and with zero environmental damage.


For the best in quality and performance choose Nanoguard ACP® pigments to protect your investments.


Nanoguard ACP® is REACH registered and RoHS compliant.

Nanoguard ACP® DCP

The new product for Powder coatings, ideally suited for thin film powders and protection in areas prone to faraday cage effect corrosion especially on white goods where RoHS and FDA compliance are a real advantage!

Nanoguard ACP® 2

The new replacement for Zinc Tetraoxychromate in PVB etch primers and weldable epoxy.

The new replacement for Strontium chromate in coil coating systems to avoid expensive environmental contamination class action claims, contamination on blast cleaning and other risks.

Nanoguard ACP® 3

The magnesium based anti-corrosive for high pH water based alkyd and acrylic emulsions

Nanoguard ACP® 5

The new anti-corrosive for high pH water based systems incuding epoxies polyurethanes and alkyds, and moisture cured urethanes