Nanoguard ACP

Nanoguard ACP® Range

Free from heavy metals (less than 10ppm).

Safe and label free

Ideal for single pack and two pack products, including epoxies based on phenalkamine / mannich base curing agents where zinc salts retard the cure – possible to cure below 0 degrees, even –6°C as long as amine bloom / salts are removed before over coating. Works equally well with alkyds, polyamides and water based emulsions.

Processing parameters

Easy to disperse Hegman 6 possible with high shear mixer, for coil coating we recommend bead milling with the pigment mill base.

We do not recommend using associative thickeners or other products which rely on charge interaction for their activity as these can interfere with the activity of the pigments.

Anodic cell corrosion inhibited by Nanoguard ACP® 2 reducing corrosion potential and corrosion reaction products

Electrons  move across grain boundaries leading to the anodic reaction (corrosion) as the metal dissolved and liberates electrons

Fe = Fe2+ + 2e-

As in a battery

Leaving corrosion evidence in the form of pits etc.

By removing the corrosion potential corrosion is effectively stopped in its tracks

Nanoguard ACP 2