Nanoguard ACP

Formulation of Anti-corrosive Coatings

Easy to use, replace Zinc Phosphate volume for volume, little reformulation necessary usually 0.85 x Zinc phosphate weight to maintain constant PVC further reducing costs.

Paint labelling requirements are much simpler as the product is not toxic for humans, animals or the environment. Good marketing aid when selling the finished paint!


Zinc phosphate systems require initial corrosion products (rust) present, Nanoguard products do not. Different mechanism

Nanoguard ACP® – prevents the start of corrosion

Optimisation possible combining both mechanisms – use a combination replacement

  • Nanoguard ACP® DCP & Zinc Phosphate & Zinc Oxide 1:1:1 if Zinc phosphate required for labelling or specified
  • ZnO is used as an amphoteric to balance pH in the aqueous “conducting” water phase
  • Use Nanoguard ACP® 2 for longer life and greater formulation flexibility free from ion exchange or chromates
  • Don’t use associative thickeners, or use Rheovis 1212 or ACP® 5