Nanoguard ACP

Key Features Delivered

Safe, Economical & Effective

Non toxic

  • No hazard labelling, compliance with CONEG, RoHS, FDA etc.
  • Safe alternatives to zinc phosphate, chromates and others (aluminium tripolyphosphates, mixed phosphates such as ZPA, ZPO, Halox SZP 391 / 430JM and Molywhite MZAP)


  • Cost effective compared to other anti corrosive pigments
  • Prices stable, not as volatile as zinc or chromium derivatives
  • Wide formulation compatibility

Easy formulation

  • Easy to disperse – reduces cost of manufacture
  • Simple replacement, 1 for 1 on PVC (for example 0.85kg of Nanoguard ACP® DCP replaces 1kg of Zinc phosphate) reduces cost of reformulation

Effective in most systems

Use alone for efficient, safe and cost effective improvement.

Use in combination with other pigment for specific purposes such as labelling compliance or where compositional specifications require a zinc phosphate constituent.

Effective in solvent based, solvent free (including thin film powder coatings) and many water based formulations including epoxy, PVDC and acrylics.

Used in white goods for food contact to ensure no toxicity for humans, animals, etc.

Used in fusion bonded epoxy systems to reduce cathodic disbonding and blistering from the inevitable mechanical damage during installation reducing operating costs.