Anti Corrosive Pigments

Sensopolis produces the Nanoguard ACP range of non toxic, environmentally friendly anti-corrosive pigments in the UK. Specially engineered to replace Zinc Phosphate and Chromate based technologies with less harmful but efficient pigments.

Nanoguard ACP® Pigments are REACH registered, easy to use and easy to formulate. Contact us for guide formulations and support on becoming an environmentally friendly paint producer

Independent tests show clear advantages over similar offerings from other suppliers so contact us today and feel good about your products.

Products that really, don’t cost the Earth!

Paint Additives

Sensopolis offer a full range of driers , anti foams and Anti skins including MEKO at competitive prices in Bulk, Drums and IBC’s. Contact us for a full list today at

Sensowhite – Sensopolis offers a specially treated barium sulphate with clear advantages in gloss retention and performance compared to traditional barytes and precipitated barium sulphates. Stretch your titanium dioxide and improve your performance with Sensowhite 2 and Sensowhite 4.

Benzyl alcohol – often used as a diluent and accelerator in epoxy systems. Available from stock in drums and IBC´s

Bisphenol A – often used as an accelerator for epoxy curing agents or for resin production. Available in jumbo bags only and to special order.

Speciality Resins & Curing Agents

Sensopolis offers a range of epoxy resins and curing agents, along with a range of silicone modified polymers for those looking for long life and life cycle. Traditional alkyds and acrylics can also be offered if required including styrenated for Hammer finish paints and machinery enamel.